Some People Think it's Funny That the USA Women's National Team Were Apparently Beaten by U15 Boys


'LOOOL women's football is so sh*t, better stick to the ironing'.

Some people had a good laugh this week after there were reports of the USA women's national team (USWNT) losing 5-2 against a team of Under-15 boys from FC Dallas. Some on Twitter even gleefully revelled in the fact that the women's game has been 'shown up'.

Having used the Major League Soccer franchise's facilities as a training base ahead of an international friendly against Russia, the likes of Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd (household names of the women's game) were supposed to have been 'embarrassed' by a bunch of kids.

The story first appeared on FC Dallas' website and was then 'reported' elsewhere.

The original post is now blocked by Dallas, most likely because a nice thing about youngsters having the chance to have an informal kick-about with World Cup winners and national heroes was later twisted into an attack by banter-obsessed pages and tweeters, suggesting that even a group of U15 boys could comfortably beat what is the best women's team in the world.


This, in a week where the collective bargaining agreement for both the men's and women's US national teams was renewed and equal pay has been a subject of much debate, has given overtly sexist knuckle draggers all the ammunition they think they need to lay into women's football.

But it was all smiles afterwards as both sets of players happily posed for a group picture, not the utter humiliation and embarrassment some seem keen on making it.

It's imperative to state that this 'game' between the USWNT and Dallas boys was not really a game at all. Before the official post was blocked it was described as a 'scrimmage' between the two squads, an informal practice.

And, with an actual game against Russia to follow, none of the female players would in their right mind have played like it was a real contest. Similarly, the opportunity to go up against someone like Lloyd, who has shared the stage with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at the last two annual FIFA galas, probably made the boys play that much harder.

The Best FIFA Football Awards
The Best FIFA Football Awards / Philipp Schmidli/GettyImages

With many of the Dallas boys unlikely to make it all the way to professional level, when would the chance to share a pitch, even a training pitch, with a genuine global superstar come around again? The answer for nearly all of them is undoubtedly 'never'.

The fact that the women lost the 'game' means literally nothing.

The only thing that needs reporting here is that some young hopeful footballers were able to meet and 'jam' with some very famous other footballers. If you find the alleged score-line funny, try learning the facts, step into the 21st century and just plain grow up.

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