Jose Mourinho has joined the growing list of managers to advocate for Video Assisted Referees (VAR) in Premier League matches as his Manchester United side came from behind to snatch a late draw at home to Everton.

The Portuguese manager admitted, speaking to ​BT Sport, that his side had an off-day, but still believes they should have won after Zlatan Ibrahimovic controversially had a goal ruled out for offside.

"The performance was not very good. The spirit in the second half was phenomenal and with some players really in trouble, some by the physical point of view, some others with low confidence levels, they fought until the last​ second. 

"With the VAR we win this game 2-1 because it was not an offside. But it's a difficult one for the linesman. I'm not critical of him at all. I just say, when the VAR comes, it will help everyone, especially them - then linesmen and referees.

"If there are any doubts, you give the advantage to the team that attacks, so from what I saw just now on the computer, it's not offside. If there is a big doubt, it's a goal. But again, I repeat, I am not at all critical of the linesman. I just think (VAR) will be welcomed by everyone, especially them because for them it's not good when they make mistakes like this one.


Mourinho also discussed how the feeling of a frustrating draw is becoming all too familiar for him and his players.

"It was deja vu in many things but I have to admit that we played better football in some other matches. 

"Did we have chances? Yes, but not a thousand, a few. Did we hit the post as always? Yes. Did the opposing goalkeeper play well as always? Yes. Did one decision go against us? Yes, but I want to repeat again I don't blame him. Was the opponent ultra-defensive as always? Yes, but we didn't play very well. 

"We had some players in trouble especially from a confidence point of view. I think some guys are suffering a little bit. But the spirit was good, the pride was there. That Manchester United way of fight was there especially in the second half that followed a first half that wasn't good at all."