​If you haven't already seen it, John Arne Riise recently gave an interview with a presenter who knew little, if next to nothing about football.

A clip taken from the interview went viral after the interviewer asked the Norwegian what it's like to lift the Premier League trophy and you guessed it, Manchester United fans loved it. 

Along with this, he was also asked whether he intentionally scored the own goal in Liverpool's semi final exit against Chelsea back in 2008.

However, people soon clicked that April Fool's Day was just a couple of days ago and started to question the motives behind Riise's exit. 

A few more hilarious questions later, the 36-year-old exits the interview to the amazement of the poor presenter who clearly feels as though she has done something wrong, when in fact it was a cruel prank orchestrated by the producer and the former Liverpool man.

This was further confirmed, as Stadium Astro tweet the full-back saying the full version isn't up yet but nice guy Riise couldn't help but feel sorry for the hate the unaware presenter was getting from Reds fans.

The Anfield legend may be one of the best free kick takers the Premier League has ever seen but this prank lacked execution.