Have you ever been talking to your boss and suddenly thought...'my genitals could use a bit of a freshen up'? 

Actually, scrap that. Have you ever been talking to your direct superior receiving work instructions in front of thousands of people, whilst being filmed and had that thought. And then acted on it?

No? Ok, then.

Well, that is apparently what happened​ during Mainz's Bundesliga encounter with Ingolstadt (the least remarkable of all Germany's top flight clashes that weekend aside from 'Squirtgate') when Giulio Donati decided to test the structural integrity of the internet by squirting a bottle of water, nonchalantly, down his shorts while receiving tactical instructions from the bench.

Yeah, you're obviously here for the video, so here it is...

How refreshing.


Martin Schmidt, Mainz's head coach, was apparently nonplussed by the inappropriate use of company resources. 

When asked about the incident post-match he simply replied: "I have not noticed anything. Maybe I was focused on my directions "​​

In case you were wondering Ingolstadt won the game 2-1 in a key relegation six-pointer. You weren't wondering though, were you?