Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas has insisted that he will always consider the Bernabeu his home ​despite moving to FC Porto in 2015 - and opened up on why he kept quiet during 'the Mourinho affair'. 

Los Blancos legend Casillas told ​Marca that he didn't want to get dragged into a 'circus' around the reports of player unrest under the Portuguese manager, acting in what he told the Spanish newspaper were the club's best interests. 

He said: "I kept my mouth shut about what was going on for the good of the club. You don't want to turn things into a circus at the first sign of difficulty. In time, I understood that some people resented me for the Mourinho affair. Staying at Real one year after another is not easy. Mental strength is key, you have to be able to take criticism at any moment."

The veteran stopper continued to talk about his love for the club, adding: "It's the club that I have to be forever grateful for. I was able to fulfil a dream, to play in the team of my life and I only have words of thanks. For all the coaches, all the people I met along the way ... with respect for others, I will always consider it my home."

Current Real stopper Keylor Navas has come in for some heavy criticism in recent weeks, but Casillas defended the Costa Rican, saying: "What can I say? I don't like it. I lived it and you have to have a lot of courage to forget about it. It is a demanding club and a few years ago there was a mini split, by circumstances we already saw and we had to live. 

"The whistles have settled at the Bernabeu and it's curious because, in Keylor Navas' case, watching his performance last season, it seems incredible to me that he is not among the top two or three goalkeepers in the world."

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