SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 08:  David Carney of Sydney FC wrestles with Scott Neville of the Wanderers after a tackle on Bob of Sydney FC during the round one A-League match between the Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC at ANZ Stadium on October 8, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

9 Footballers That Fans Would Love to Suplex Because They're Just That Irritating

It's WrestleMania week in Orlando, Florida with the 'Ultimate Thrill Ride' itself taking place on Sunday night at the Camping World Stadium.

In case you didn't know, WrestleMania is like the FA Cup, Wimbledon and the Super Bowl all rolled into one.

So there's no better way to celebrate the biggest wrestling event on the calendar than to list the top nine footballers we as fans would love to take to 'Suplex City', obviously.

9. Dele Alli

Without doubt Spurs' Dele Alli is one of, if not, the greatest young prospect in European football right now.

However, despite being the tender age of 21 and having a fairly low amount of top division experience; he has still garnered a few fans as enemies.

This is mostly down to the ease of which he goes down in the box to win penalties - and one of the biggest no nos' in football is diving. We all despise it, and unfortunately Alli has won himself a reputation so bad that some referees won't even give fouls even if a challenge warrants it.

He also has a temper a mile long, and even split the Spurs community in February where he arguably lost his side the Europa League tie against Gent by stupidly getting sent off. 

8. Oliver Giroud

My God, Oliver Giroud is a handsome chap. And that's probably why many fans hate him so.

Cast your mind back to the Stonewall sponsored Paddy Power advert from 2014, which included Arsenal players.

The message of anti-homophobia was brilliant and very necessary, but the only thing most of us remember from that advert was Oliver Giroud saying "I can't help that I'm gorgeous."

Just looking at his beautiful face fills you with an enviable rage.

And Arsenal fans also go through phases where they'd love to throw Giroud for a suplex or two. For all of his threat in front of goal, the Frenchman can be very frustrating to watch.

7. Dimitri Payet

Every football fan was shocked in January to hear the news that Dimitri Payet had decided to go on strike and never play for West Ham again.

Despite every fan being shocked, most were jubilant as Payet had been a thorn in every team's side since he arrived in London in the summer of 2015.

However, one group of fans that will never forgive are of course the Hammers fans. Presumably, many would love to go a few rounds with Payet and teach him a lesson or too about respect.

Granted West Ham have coped well without him, but that doesn't take away from the fact Dimitri Payet made West Ham look like mugs.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Some will feel that Ronaldo should be top of this list. But that would be unfair, as despite his flaws, he has been very, very successful on the field.

Many fans can't stand Ronaldo's 'one vs. all' mentality. It is almost as if he's angry when his team-mates score, and numerous videos that have surfaced online over the years back that up.

Ronaldo will always divide opinion. Some will say he is best of all time, and others will say he's just, still, a prima donna. Or maybe he's both?

5. Pepe

Next up is Ronaldo's team-mate Pepe, who if rumours are true could be departing Madrid this summer.

Still, we can look back on beautiful memories No, Pepe's never done anything that can be remotely considered as 'beautiful'.

Pepe was a part of some of Real's greatest achievements, including 'La Decima' but his time at Real is more likely to be remembered for his thuggish antics and stupid red cards.

4. Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets makes the list for his thoroughly annoying antics on the field. If he is not feigning injury to waste time or diving around to win a foul, he's in the referee's ear.

Much like Pepe, Busquets has won everything there is to win in football - including a World Cup - but many fans forget those things and focus on his irritating actions on the field.

There was never any need for these actions as Barca were the best side in the world for many years. Busquets' constant charades only ended up damaging Barcelona's world renowned reputation.

3. Paul Pogba

This next entry has very little to do with Paul Pogba's ability as a footballer and more to do with how he carries himself.

The 'dab' is the single most annoying (dance?) move on the planet right now, and Mr. Pogba is the king of it. Many fans find this whole dab thing cringe-worthy, just like the secret handshakes that are all the rage now.

What bugs many, however, is Pogba continues to dab despite not playing to his very best. Many were infuriated when Pogba dabbed with the EFL Trophy in February, despite having a relatively quiet game.

Good idea to take Pogba to Suplex City to stop him continuing with this out of date craze? Probably.

2. Diego Costa

Paul Pogba might have divided opinion, but the next entry will have every football fan singing from the same hymn sheet - except Chelsea fans, of course.

Diego Costa is the Premier League's most annoying and rage-inducing player. 

Despite his talent in front of goal, he spends most games trying to get under the skin of the opposition defenders, but only ends being wound up himself.

In Chelsea's recent against Stoke, Costa only succeeded in getting booked during the first half and was anonymous the rest of the game. Despite that, the Chelsea faithful continue to sing the Spaniard's name.

1. Leicester City's First-Team Squad

The player(s) that fans would most like to suplex has to be the Leicester City squad, or more directly, the players involved with Claudio Ranieri's sacking.

The story has been told a million times, and the success Ranieri brought the club and the city of Leicester will never be forgotten. So how is it that all of a sudden the seemingly struggling Leicester have gone unbeaten since his removal, and are in the Champions League last eight?

Managers take all the blame when it comes down to a club's decline or poor form, when the players should be equally accountable.

Ranieri should have been treated with more respect by the players and club. Shocking.