Ryan Giggs and Lee Dixon were involved in a humorous exchange following England's 2-0 win against Lithuania on Sunday.


The duo were both doing punditry for the game, and talk invariably turned to the classic Manchester United v Arsenal clashes of the late 90s and early 00s.

Giggs was speaking about Jermain Defoe and Jamie Vardy and commented how throughout his career he was, "Never a natural goal scorer."


Dixon - who is clearly still tormented by Giggs jinking run in 1999 - commented, "You weren't bad at semi-final goals though."


After a light hearted chuckle, Dixon went onto to make his analytical point, only to lose his train of thought, at which point Giggs said," You lost me on that goal didn't you?"

The former Gunners right-back, took it all in good fun though, and did, eventually manage to get his point across.


Ian Wright offered his usual acute analysis throughout, by unsurprisingly spending the whole time laughing.


Giggs scored one of the most famous goals in FA Cup history, in 1999 at Villa Park. His solo run managed to undo the whole Arsenal team that night and secured a 2-1 victory for Manchester United.

Ryan Giggs and Lee Dixon

Sir Alex Ferguson's side went on to the win the Cup, beating Newcastle in the final.


United also won the Premier League and FA Cup that year in what is widely considered the most successful season for any side in English football history.


Now 18 years on, it appears Dixon and the rest of the footballing world still haven't forgotten.