​With all the recent attention on elaborate handshakes between team-mates, spare a thought for those who are less skilled with their hands. 

​​Where today's young players like Harry Kane and Dele Alli are able to score freely, and remain incredibly down with the kids with their celebrations, older players have to try harder to keep up such dexterity. Step forward, James Milner, and Gael Clichy.

​​Before Sunday's big match at the Etihad, the two former Sky Blue teammates decided to greet each other, with City's left back moving forward to welcome the Liverpool man back to his old stamping ground. 

Milner saw Clichy coming, and offered a hand, so as to do the only logical thing in such a situation: the traditional fist bump. However, the French renegade had other ideas, dismissing the fist to throw Milner the curve ball of-get this- a handshake. 

What followed was a monstrously awkward hybrid of  the two, and even though Milner went on to score Liverpool's goal in a hotly contested 1-1 draw, it remains to be see if either players' respective careers will ever recover from such a  humiliating incident.