Sir Alex Ferguson will return to Old Trafford as a manager this summer, four years after retiring from football, to manage a Manchester United side in Michael Carrick's testimonial match. 

The club confirmed that the United legend would take the reins against a Michael Carrick All-Star XI ​in the June 4th match, with Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard set to be included in an opposition team managed by Carrick's former West Ham boss Harry Redknapp.

Speaking to the ​club's website, Ferguson said: "I think the best bit will be seeing the players, to be honest with you. No [I don't miss managing]. I miss the big games of course but I made my decision and I’m enjoying it. I don’t have to worry about you lads or the agents or the press conferences and having to control that press secretary of mine!

"I’m delighted Michael is getting a testimonial. It tells you Manchester United are probably the only club in England that can do that. Players do tend to stay a long time here. We don’t have players here one minute and gone the next. If you go right back to my time, most of the players stayed 10 or even more years. I think we can be proud of that fact, being a family-type club. It encourages players to put roots down here and enjoy it.

"I read about what Michael’s intentions are [with the funds raised for the event] and I think it’s very honourable. I think he’s shown he’s prepared to share his success and his contribution to the charity, starting it himself, will be very, very worthwhile."

On the inclusion of Gerrard and Lampard on the opposition side, he added: "I think it adds spice. I think it’s much better having that than you choose a team, having to travel and you don’t know whether a full squad is going to be there. If Michael’s got guarantees these great players will appear, it will be fantastic crowd as it’s a real attraction."

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