​It's become apparent, due to a report supplied by Sport Bible, that Barcelona centre-half Gerard Pique is to be absent from Barca team-mate Lionel Messi's wedding.

The pair, who have known one another since their formative days at La Masia, have had their hands tied regarding the matter, thanks to their significant others no less.

Barcelona v Athletic Club - Copa del Rey Final

According to Spanish paper El Pais, Messi's bride-to-be Antonella Roccuzzo has an on-going feud with Pique's partner Shakira.

The report has stated that Roccuzzo hasn't seen eye-to-eye with Shakira since Pique got together with the Colombian singer in 2010. 

Pique's ex, Nuria Tomas, is great friends with Roccuzzo, and when Pique and Tomas split, Roccuzzo chose to side with Tomas, thus culminating the animosity between Shakira and Roccuzzo.

FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2013

So, as a definitive result, Pique and Shakira are not welcome at the wedding, an event which has been billed to be the Spanish event of the summer.

Petty, we know, but the apparent malice between the two women hasn't driven a wedge between the two men on the sporting-sided matters of their lives.

Since 2008, Messi and Pique have shared the successes of earning 14 La Ligas, eight Copa del Reys, seven Champions Leagues and six FIFA World Club Cup trophies during their cooperative career's at the Camp Nou.


This season alone, there's still the prospect of scooping a La Liga title, a Champions League medal, and a Copa del Rey trophy. 

So, with footballing accolades ultimately being held to a higher degree of importance, we hope that the two footballing greats can put their off-field differences aside on the pitch, and leave the handbags for the ladies to battle with instead.

Can't help but think that Pique would have a cracking best man speech, though. Those two have conquered the world together after-all.