​Ryan Giggs has made a bold claim in saying that there isn't enough top quality players in the Premier League, and that Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero are the only world class players in the league.

The ex Manchester United player has been speaking in his ​Telegraph column about the lack of quality in the Premier League, and how English teams are nowhere near what they were like years ago.

Arsenal v Manchester City - Premier League

Ryan Giggs spoke about how English teams have dropped in quality over the years in the Champions League: 

"It has been a factor throughout the performances of English teams in the Champions League that the quality simply is not there any longer, or not as it was when English clubs had that good run in the competition from 2005 to 2012."

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The Manchester United legend commented on who he thought were the only world class players in the Premier League: "It seems the very best players are concentrated elsewhere, and there is just a sprinkling of the leading players in the Premier League sides.

"Aside from Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez it is hard to think of the world-class players in the English Champions League squads this season."

Middlesbrough v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final

The only English team left in the Champions League is Leicester City, who are doing incredibly, but Giggs spoke about the strength of the likes of Barcelona compared to the English teams: 

"While Leicester have gone the furthest without (a world-class player), it is striking when you consider how many there are at Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in particular.

"To win the Champions League most years, and ever more so in recent times, you need three or more of those leafing players and it says something about English football that there are so few in our teams."

Real Madrid Celebrate After They Win Champions League Final

Giggs also commented on how the Premier League and its clubs are full of money and can buy the players, but they just can't seem to get the balance right in the major competitions:

"It is not as if the money is not there to buy the best players, it just seems that the recruitment has not always been right."