In one of the day's more alarming football news stories, it turns out that Lionel Messi is actually LESS skillful than a player currently playing in the Championship, according to FIFA 17.

It's true. The Argentine superstar, tipped by many as the best in the world and the greatest to have ever graced a football pitch, is skilfully inferior to a winger who is currently playing second division football. Shocking right!?


The player in question is none other than Aiden McGeady, now of ​Preston after moving there on loan from Everton this season.

To be fair to McGeady the guy is definitely a trickster, as he proved at the weekend with an entertaining display against Jaap Stam's ​Reading, and he famously has his own move within FIFA 17 called the "McGeady Spin"..

The conclusion that he is more skillful than Messi was reached by ​Dream Team FC through FIFA information website ​Futbin, because he has maintained his five-star rating, whereas Messi holds only four.

Anyone who watches Messi regularly knows that as phenomenal a dribbler as he is, he is not one to pull out those audacious tricks and flair moments as often as say, Cristiano Ronaldo, but that doesn't mean he's not capable, obviously.

McGeady's five-star rating has been earned throughout an interesting career that has seen him spend six years in Scotland at Celtic, before moving to Russia with Spartak Moscow and then ​Everton, where he has been loaned out twice to ​Championship clubs.

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Not only does he beat Messi, but he also 'out-skills' Luis Suarez, Luka Modric, Andres Iniesta, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Eden Hazard. It really is mental stuff.​