Wigan Athletic under 15's youth player, Thelo Asgaard has got some nerve, after the Latics prodigy scored a remarkable 20-yard rabona against Blackburn Rovers, which has blown the football fans away.

The goal, as seen above, comes as the ball falls to the feet of an unmarked Asgaard. Now any of us average folk would take a touch, collect ourselves, and likely blaze the ball over the bar in true Sunday League style.

But young Thelo is no average man.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity of severe bragging rights, or becoming an overnight internet sensation, Asgaard throws caution to the wind as he whips his right foot round the back of his left and dinks the ball beautifully into the top left corner.

Weeks of rehab await the poor unsuspecting goalkeeper, but Thelo doesn't care as he wheels away in celebration, much to the delight of his teammates. And quite rightly so; that's a finish Cristiano Ronaldo would be proud of.

Remember the name, this could just be a glimpse of what is to come. Maybe he's already caught the attention of Warren Joyce.