Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he will be managing 'somewhere' next season. But the vague nature of his comments is yet more possible evidence to suggest that won't be at Arsenal, with the veteran Frenchman increasingly expected to walk away come May.

Wenger's departure is something that many Arsenal fans have been demanding for some time and the ​#WengerOut bandwagon is becoming more popular with each passing week.

Disillusioned supporters believe he is holding the club back. But you cannot buy the kind of consistency Wenger has given Arsenal over the last 20 years, even just the last 10 years, at a time when rivals clubs have been on rollercoaster rides.

When Manchester United have struggled to find themselves in the years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, maybe Arsenal fans should be dreading the day that Wenger quits instead of actively praying for it. 'Be careful what you wish for' is a phrase that comes to mind.

In the 20 years of Wenger, Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris has worked out that Arsenal's average Premier League finish is 2.7 - in other words, better than 3rd place.

Only Manchester United, whose average has been badly hurt by recent 7th, 4th and 5th place finishes, can top that. Meaning that Arsenal under Wenger have generally been better than Chelsea (3.55), Liverpool (4.65), Tottenham (8) and Manchester City (14).

Even just over the last three seasons, Arsenal fans' biggest period of gripe, the Gunners have still been consistently more competitive than most rival clubs. Only Manchester City's average finish since the start of 2013/14 has been better, while City are also the only other club to match Arsenal's record of qualifying for the Champions League in each season.

Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool have all missed out at least once.

Arsenal supporters have also moaned about a lack of silverware in the last few seasons. But the back-to-back FA Cups Wenger recently delivered is still greater than the non-existent trophies that Liverpool and Tottenham have won in that time. It is better than Manchester United's sole FA Cup, with only Manchester City's league title and two League Cups greater.

A future without Wenger simply cannot guarantee that kind of consistency and security. Is it worth finishing 6th or 7th and being much worse off just to have Wenger gone in the slim hope that it will translate to a Premier League title? No, but Arsenal fans will probably still say 'yes'.

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