Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken about the important role that training has played in him reaching the very top.


Despite turning 32 this week Ronaldo shows no sign of a dip in performances, with many suggesting the Portuguese star's gruelling training regime is the reason for this.


"I try to keep a thorough training programme with many exercises to support all the different parts of my body," Ronaldo told ​SportsJoe.

Real Madrid's Portuguese forward Cristia

“There are many (exercises) I prefer but honestly, I give my best in every one of them because different exercises serve different and important objectives," he continued. "I try to always be a hard worker on everything I do and training is so important.


"To make it to the top of any sport you need to be extremely competitive but also extremely determined and make many sacrifices."


Yet Ronaldo - who won his fourth Ballon d'Or in December - claims he still learns new things after nearly fifteen years in the professional game.


"I’ve played football all my life and I keep learning," he admitted.


Ronaldo is lucky to have worked under some of the best coaches in the world - such as Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti - and says they have all helped him to learn and grow as a player. 


“It is impossible to pick out one piece of advice, but I am lucky to have worked with amazing coaches my whole career," he conceded.


"Each of them sees things differently but each has great knowledge and experience, and I love to learn from them all.”


Ronaldo has once again enjoyed an outstanding year in the Spanish capital and has scored an impressive 20 goals in 25 games for Los Blancos.