This time of year can be a real nightmare for football fans... how are they supposed to work out what transfer rumours are true, and which ones are just some random guy on Twitter looking for some fun?

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of speculation on social media that Newcastle were preparing a bid for Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres, thus reuniting him with former boss Rafael Benitez. 

The rumour had been started by Thomas Clements, who tweeted some pretty solid looking evidence that Spanish newswpapers, Marca and Mundo Deportivo, were running a story linking the former Liverpool favourite with a return to England. 

​​However, all was not as it seemed, after Clements admitted to making the whole thing up and confessed that he had actually used his photoshop skills to create the fake stories. 

Not that anybody who saw his initial tweet knew any of this, and as per usual, Twitter seemed ready to confirm the deal, which was perhaps only believable on the grounds of nostalgia. 

Of course, those ready to start making the 'Welcome El Nino' banners' were left a little deflated when Clements finally came clean about the whole prank. 

Still, it just goes to show that with a bit of hardwork on photoshop, you can make people on social media believe just about anything.

Just ask Sky Sports...