​They say you should never meet your heroes, that invariably, the encounter will end in disappointment. We all tend to build up celebrities inside our minds, making it nigh on impossible for them to meet our lofty expectations should our paths ever happen to cross...

Having said that, if one WERE to find themselves meeting one of their heroes, surely it isn't asking too much for said hero to break out a little smile?

Well, if the picture below is anything to go buy, sometimes, a simple smile is simply too much.

When a certain young man with the username 'seandabell' met a certain middle-aged man named Jose Mourinho, he was understandably excited; alas, the same clearly cannot be said about Mourinho.


Unable to even muster a 'classic Jose grin', Mour looks utterly miserable in the pic, an observation which clearly didn't go unnoticed by those commenting on the image - some of the choice statements left by seandabell's friends on the now legendary Instagram post read as follows:

'Angry Jose'; 'Scared Jose'; 'Moody Mourinho'; 'Is Schweinsteiger there???'; 'Man...he looks so damn pissed' 

So there you have it everyone. Meet your heroes at your peril!