​Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has insisted that he will remain with the club regardless of potential interest from the Premier League.

The Italian coach has been tipped as a possible replacement for Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger should the Frenchman leave the club at the end of the season.

But Allegri has confirmed that he is content to stay with Juventus, where he has won two consecutive Serie A titles.


"I am studying English, but I have been for many years," Allegri told Sky Sport Italia - via ​FourFourTwo.

"It's incredible, the very day I arrived in London with my daughter, I walked through the airport and saw a giant picture of me on the newspaper saying I was meant to be joining Arsenal. 'Damn it', I said, 'today this had to happen?'

"I am very happy at Juventus and until they kick me out, I'm content to stay."

Allegri added that Juve's main aim is to win a sixth successive league title, with their lead at the top currently four points over second placed Roma.

Juventus v GNK Dinamo Zagreb - UEFA Champions League

"Our primary objective is the Scudetto and it is absolutely not easy, because Roma are pushing, so are Napoli, and we need at least 85 points to be sure of the title," he said.

"The Champions League is a very different type of tournament where one incident can make all the difference.

"Over a league season, these things even themselves out, whereas in Europe you've got one chance."

Juventus set a club record of 26 home league wins in a row with victory over Bologna on Sunday night.