Breathe, New York City FC. David Villa is not going anywhere in the near future.

The former FC Barcelona star won the 2016 MLS MVP following an impressive season, and there have been a lot of rumors regarding a potential move to Villa to the Premier League where he has plenty of suitors.

Villa acknowledged the rumors, but he discarded them quickly as he said he wants to remain in NYCFC for the foreseeable future. “I had the opportunity in the past, it is not in my plans. I like a lot the Premier League, I watch it all the time and I am excited by every game in the Premier League," Villa told Sky Sports.

“It is one of the best leagues in the world. I had the opportunity to go there, but now it’s not in my thinking now. I feel good at NYC FC and I am still here. I want to keep continuing to make history. I am very happy with what I did in the past in Europe, but I am here now. It’s a big day for me to get this amazing award. I want to keep strong, keep working hard and help my team to grow,” he added.

With those news, NYCFC fans can feel relaxed as they're not going to lose their star striker for the 2017 campaign. Let's remember Villa is coming off a year where he netted 23 goals in 33 matches.