​Mauro Icardi's relationship with agent and wife Wanda Nara has been the subject of criticism for a good few years.

The two became acquainted during Nara's marriage with Icardi's then-Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez. The two split up when it the relationship between Nara and Icardi came to light, and the former friends have been hostile with each other ever since.

Lopez first refused to shake Icardi's hand during an April 2014 Serie A match between Sampdoria and Inter, and repeated the trick two years later during Inter's encounter with Torino.

UC Sampdoria v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

In a weird twist in the saga, Italian journalist Carlos Monti, ​speaking to Radio 10, has claimed the Sicilian mafia offered their services to 32-year-old Lopez in an effort to help the River Plate and Barcelona forward to get his own back on 23-year-old Icardi.

According to Monti, the mafia approached Lopez with the following tempting offer: "Would you go for it? Do you want us to break down his legs? Do you want that he can’t play football anymore?"

Lopez is said to have rejected the offer, thankfully for Icardi who will now be able to enjoy a full career in football without the fear of having his legs broken by Italian gangsters.

However, Wanda Nara has claimed Monti's entire story is fabricated.

If the story isn't true, then it still remains an interesting footnote in the pulsating story that is Lopez, Icardi and Nara's intriguing love triangle.