​Frank Lampard is widely recognized as one of the most iconic players in MLS. He comes with an interesting trajectory of playing for Chelsea and the England National Team, and he's been an integral part of New York City FC's success this season.

None of that mattered to a New York Red Bulls fan, though. Lampard was at at an event at Bar 43 where he did a meet and greet with fans. One of those fans was Antony Lin, a New York Red Bulls supporter.

So naturally, Lin asked Lampard to sign the ticket of the game where the Red Bulls thrashed NYCFC 7-0 earlier this year. It was the first game Lampard played all season, so he certainly remembers it well.

Lampard didn't even flinch and the ticket was signed. Lin was quite happy and even though he didn't want to troll Lampard, his story gathered national attention. This fan - who's also known as Pinto - offered an explanation about why he wanted to meet the former Chelsea star.

“Attending meet and greets has become a recent hobby of mine, regardless of team affiliation," Lin told Metro. "For this one, my friend Chris Cloud mentioned that I should get the 7-0 ticket stub signed by Lampard. I thought about it and realized, it would be quite a one-of-a-kind souvenir to have instead of something standard. I was certain that he would not sign it so I had another item ready."

"Once I saw how chaotic things were at Bar 43, I realized I had chance to get that ticket stub signed. Without a flat service to sign, I told Lampard, ‘Let me flatten the ticket so you can sign it easier.’ This was my plan to cover up the date of the game. He signed it and thanked me for coming out,” he added.

We know Lin (or "Pinto") had good intentions. But we can't deny this has been one of the best trolling episodes in MLS this year.