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10 FIFA 17 Career Mode Transfers You Have to Make

It's that time of year again. FIFA 17 is out and while its career mode hasn't exactly been overhauled, some small tweaks and enhancements have been made so that gamers feel they've bought a new game and not just FIFA 16 with updated squads.

Like last year, this piece will shed some light on deals you may have not known would propel your career mode club to elite status. That's assuming you're managing Eibar and not Real Madrid.

But fear not! This list should have something for every prospective FIFA 17 career mode manager, from every walk of life. Whether rich or poor.

10. Niklas Süle the Tower

We start off with one for the richies out there.

If your defense needs shoring up, signing Hoffenheim defender Niklas Süle  should be your first course of action in the transfer window.

The German powerhouse starts off with an 81 rating which can soar to 88, making him one of the best young defenders in the game (he's only 20!). 

He might cost a pretty penny, as he starts off with a few years left on his contract and, well, he's really good, but his 93 strength rating is more than worth investing in.

Club: Hoffenheim

Base rating: 81

Potential: 88

Value: €20m

9. Hector Bellerin... Whaaa?

Hector Bellerin is the fastest Premier League player in FIFA and is viewed as one of the best young players in the world. You might be asking yourselves, "how can I afford him?!"

Well, my answer is to, first, not interrupt me and just hold your horses, and second, to give it a shot.

Arsenal start the game off with four right-backs, including Mathieu Debuchy, who is hilariously rated higher than Bellerin, making the Spaniard second choice at the Emirates. 

In addition to his baffling contract role as a 'rotation player', Bellerin is attainable for as low as £9m if you're not a direct rival club and you time your bid just right.

That price is an absolute steal, given that Bellerin can rise to an 87 and catch up to any player from any point on the pitch. He's that fast.

Club: Arsenal

Base rating: 79

Potential: 87

Value: €13m

8. Vitolo Is the Way to Go

For those operating on a budget, waiting until January to land Sevilla's Vitolo could prove the making of your career mode career.

The 26-year-old is available to negotiate a free transfer six months in and will accept £30,000 per week to move, depending on his base salary in your save.

Even if it proves to be more expensive, it's still a huge coup to bring a young player rated in the 80s to your club for free. If you don't like his playing style, all you have to do is wait it out, sell him and make a £20m profit. *Cha ching*

Club: Sevilla

Base rating: 82

Potential: 83

Value: €23m

7. Ntep-In

Another inexpensive freebie (if you can wait until January) to start your career off with, is none other than Stade Rennais winger Paul-Georges Ntep.

If you like fast, strong, technically gifted players with high ceilings or, otherwise, just really appreciate dudes with two first names, Ntep is sure to be a hit.

Club: Stade Rennais

Base rating: 80

Potential: 85

Value: €19m

6. As always, Embolo

Breel Embolo is one of those players who is inevitably going to end up playing for your club in any given career mode save.

It feels like he's been around forever but he's only 19 and what he brings to the table will have you set up front for a good decade.

The striker is fast, strong and well worth whatever Schalke demand you pay for him.

Club: Schalke

Base rating: 76

Potential: 88

Value: €8.5m

5. Batch of Kids

Gedion Zelalem (CM), Jeisson Vargas (LW) and Matheus Pereira (CAM) are all available for very reasonable prices as they have 1-2 years left on their contracts.

While they might not be much to look at now, their potential ratings are all in the mid to high 80s, meaning that they are solid signings for managers operating on a budget but with an eye cast to the horizon.


Club: Arsenal

Base rating: 67

Potential: 84

Value: €1.5m


Club: Estudiantes

Base rating: 70

Potential: 86

Value: €2.6m


Club: Empoli

Base rating: 70

Potential: 85

Value: €2.6m

4. Batch of Senior Citizens

Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben and Pepe are some of the best players in the game and, luckily, they all start career mode on the last year of their contracts, meaning they can be snapped up cheaply in the first window or for free in January.

Pepe: 88

Robben: 87

Ribery: 86

3. Jetro Willems

So far, we've told you about great deals for rightbacks and centrebacks, so, naturally, a leftback should follow.

Jetro Willems has a wide range of skills, including decent pace and strength ratings, which are crucial for a defender, and is on the last year of his contract.

Also, his name is fantastic.

Club: PSV

Base rating: 78

Potential: 84

Value: €11m

2. Operation: Dybala at All Costs

If you choose to start the game as one of the richer clubs or plan on selling enough players to fund a £60m transfer, Paulo Dybala should be your first stop.

The Argentine is 22 years old, rated at 85, and is simply the best player to invest your money in if you can't get your hands on anyone in the 90s.

Club: Juventus

Base rating: 85

Potential: 92

Value: €48m

1. Save on Jesus

When you start career mode on default squad settings, Gabriel Jesus should be on the last year of his contract, meaning you can sign him in your first transfer window for somewhere in the region of £7-10m.

That may seem a hefty price, depending on your club, but, with playing time and training attention, he'll become one of the best strikers in the game within a few seasons.

At 19, with pace and dribbling traits in the mid-80s, and at that price, Gabriel is one you cannot afford to miss out on.

Unless, of course, you cannot afford him. In which case, there's always Sanogo.

Club: Starts off as a free agent but automatically gets snapped up by a computer-controlled team.

Base rating: 76

Potential: 87

Value: £7.5m

10 FIFA 17 Career Mode Moves You Have to Make