Jurgen Klopp was the host of the goalkeeper with the most goals in football history as Rogério Ceni came to Anfield, as reported by ​sambafoot.com.

Ceni won twenty major titles with Sao Paulo FC, the club with whom he is most often associated, and represented Brazil in two World Cups. He is widely known for having taken the free-kicks and penalties for Sao Paulo.

After that famous and storied career, Ceni now wishes to become a coach and has therefore enrolled on the FA's coaching course. In the last two weeks, he has visited the likes of Southampton, Watford and Chelsea to observe their coaching structure. 

His history is with the Reds though, as his Sao Paulo side beat them in the final of the Fifa Club World Cup in 2005.

"Today I experienced one of the most rewarding experiences of my life: I watched Liverpool's training at Anfield", Ceni enthused. 


"I could talk and learn a lot from Jürgen Klopp. It was a great honour to have been received with much attention in the house of the Reds, club I faced in 2005.

"For me it has been a very pleasant experience. A little difficult in the early days, with the language, but I'll adapt. It has been very fruitful, addressing the tactical, technical, physical, psychological and social side of the sport.

"I visited clubs in the Premier League and I'm very happy with the way I was received."

Ceni was also gracious enough to meet Liverpool compatriots Roberto Firmino, Lucas Leiva and Phillipe Coutinho and take a picture. No doubt he would aspire to manage them one day. 

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