​Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has quashed links with Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas, claiming that the the former Barcelona and Arsenal man would only complicate things at his club.

Doubts have been raised over Fabregas' future at Stamford Bridge, and after playing no part in the Blues' opener against West Ham on Monday, reports claimed that the Spaniard could be heading back to La Liga, this time to Madrid.

Real Madrid v Sevilla: UEFA Super Cup

Speaking to reporters (via ​ESPN) after Madrid's 5-3 victory over Stade Reims in the Bernabeu trophy, the French manager said that adding Fabregas to his squad isn't practical, given the amount of talent the club already has in midfield.

"If you want to put another central midfielder into the mix then it becomes complicated," Zidane insisted.

Chelsea v West Ham United - Premier League

"Cesc is a great player but it is not very straightforward. I am going to end up with a squad where three or four players do not get selected. To therefore put another player in there makes it difficult."

Zidane also added that James Rodriguez was going nowhere. The Colombian attacker was left out of the starting lineup for the European Supercup win over Sevilla, but started and scored in the match against Reims.


He has been linked with a sensational move to Chelsea, but according to his manager, he's staying put.

"James is here, I am happy with how he played and he will be staying here," Zidane said. "I will always respond in the same way to that. I'm tired of having to give a response. My stance is not going to change."

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