SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 03:  A Sunderland fan holds a matchday programme and a ticket prior to the Barclays Premier League match between Sunderland and West Ham United at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Ranking the Cost of Every Premier League Team's Season Ticket Prices for 2016/17

​With the cost of football in England nothing short of extortionate compared to model sides Borussia Dortmund and Barcelona, we countdown the cheapest sides to watch this year in the Premier League. 

You may be surprised! 

20. Arsenal

​This may not be a surprise to anyone, with Arsenal year after year being the most expensive side to watch. 

A season ticket to the Emirates comes at a sky-high price of £1,035. To put this price into perspective, that would have seen you pay about £86.25 for each win Arsenal achieved at home last season (12). 

19. Tottenham

​Spurs come in at second-most expensive in the league, but still a considerable amount cheaper than rivals Arsenal. 

To watch Spurs at the Lane this season, it would cost £765. Despite their strong 3rd place finish last season, Spurs have frozen the season ticket prices, although, a price-cut would have been nicer.

18. Liverpool

​To watch Liverpool play at the rejuvenated Anfield this upcoming season it will cost £25 less compared to last season. 

Liverpool have set their prices at £685 for the new season, down from £710. Looks like Klopp is working his magic on and off the field!

17. Chelsea

​Antonio Conte's arrival has sparked belief around the stadium grounds once again, belief that has been amiss since, well, the start of last season. 

Chelsea's season tickets stand at £750 for the upcoming season, indifferent to last year's amount.  However, a season ticket holder would have paid £150 per win last season as the club merely imploded.

16. Southampton

​Another season for Southampton, another new manager. The fans experiencing the club constantly changing must almost be like a second-nature to them now  on the coast. 

However, one change that may be welcomed by the fans is the season ticket prices, which unfortunately has not. The fans will yet again fork out £584 to watch their side this season. 

15. Middlesbrough

​The newly promoted side features quite highly on this list, with the Boro fans paying £570 to watch their team this season. 

It may be a bit unfair on the fans, as this is an increase of a huge £109 compared to last season. Maybe justified by being back in the Premier League, but an unwanted change at that.

14. Bournemouth

​After a very impressive season - quashed by only that of the achievement of Leicester City, Bournemouth have frozen their season ticket prices for the new season. 

It will cost £550 to watch the Cherries battle another season in the Premier League. 

13. Manchester United

​The Premier League giants have seen significant changes this summer, with Jose Mourinho and a string of new signings - including the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

To see the glossy new side in action this season, a season ticket will cost £532. 

12. Everton

​Everton are also one of the few that have cut the prices for next season also, following Liverpool in this instance, dropping by £36.

To watch Everton play this season, it will cost £515. However, they had a pretty torrid time at home last season, winning back to back home games just once in 2016.  

11. Watford

​If rumours are to be believed, Watford could have already made a substantial amount of money this summer transfers window, but chose not to. 

The Hornets are in their second successive season in the top flight now, and it will cost exactly the same as last season for a season ticket, coming in at £505.

10. Crystal Palace

​Dodgy dancing is becoming part of the Crystal Palace agenda. First manager Alan Pardew in the FA Cup, now midfielder Joe Ledley at the Euros. 

The fans at Palace are arguably the best in the league, and lets hope more singing is greeted with more dodgy dancing on the pitch and sidelines. The fans will be in full voice again too, as the prices for a season ticket stood firm, costing a reasonable £420.

9. Swansea

​Just cheaper than Crystal Palace, Swansea City season tickets stand at £419 at the Liberty. 

The club went through some radical changes last season, but with Guidolin nailed on to the lad the side, the club can only build on their 12th place finish last year.

8. West Brom

​Football at the Hawthorns may not be the best standard in the league and perhaps far from it. However, at least the fans can have comfort in their season ticket prices costing just £399. 

This means you will pay just £21 per game, which is a neat little figure.

7. Leicester City

​Champions Leicester City have welcomed Champions League football to the King Power next season, and look to build on their success.

Fans may have been either relieved or perhaps a little disappointed that the club's season ticket prices have stayed the same from last season, costing £395 for a new buyer. 

6. Burnley

​Premier League football returns to Turf Moor this season, bouncing straight back after being relegated in 2015 

A season ticket will cost £390 for the upcoming season, the very same as last season, which is certainly good news for the fans. They'll be doing their best to ensure the team don't go straight back down again.

5. Sunderland

Fat Sam ensured Sunderland safety yet again after flirting with relegation for the entire season. ​

Although they normally find themselves at the bottom side of the Premier League, they find themselves in the 'top five' in this list. The price for a season ticket at the Stadium of Light costs just £380.

4. Manchester City

​The price you pay to watch talents such as Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva could cost a big amount, but Manchester City's season tickets cost the amazingly low sum of £299.

This is the price every club should aim for, so well done to Manchester City. Although, it's not as if they need the money.

3. Stoke

​Stoke City have really transformed over the years, with stars all over the pitch. Last season they had the most Champions League winners in their squad in the entire league. 

A season ticket to watch the Potters is just £294, the third cheapest in the league.

2. West Ham

​By far the most drastic change in any side in this list. West Ham make their move to the Olympic stadium this season, bidding farewell to the Boleyn Ground

Another thing they can bid farewell to is a high season ticket price, as the Hammers have reduced the price of a season ticket by £328.50. 

A season ticket now costs £289,, an unbelievable figure!

1. Hull City

​After winning the Championship play-offs and entering the Premier League once again, fans will be delighted when they see that their season ticket prices have dropped £284 since their last season.

The cheapest side in the league to watch, a Hull City season ticket costs just £252.