Northern Ireland forward ​Will Grigg is the only player to have taken Euro 2016 by storm without actually managing a single minute on the pitch.

The man who plays his club football for Wigan Athletic has been immortalised by an infuriatingly catchy fan chant (if you've not heard it by now, where have you been!?) and is now a full on cult legend to the point where his growing army of personal supporters have creatively 'edited' the Northern Ireland National Football Team entry on Wikipedia.

On Wednesday morning, Grigg's name was suddenly plastered all over the Wiki page - 92 times to be precise.

"The squad is the only one in the world which fields just one player in their competitive games; Will Grigg. Will Grigg is the greatest player in the history of football, and he's on fire," read the final sentence of the introductory paragraph.

His name was added next to captain, most caps and most goals in the information sidebar, while every name listed in the current squad and recent call-ups was changed to, you guessed it, Will Grigg.

Grigg was even put in every position in the section about Northern Ireland's greatest ever team, including all eight substitutes. He also became every Northern Ireland player with 55 caps or more, except oddly Terry Neill, whose name remained, and was put in place of each of the country's top goalscorers of all time.

This all for a player who was born and raised in Solihull.

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