​It seems Arsenal star Mesut Özil still harbours some bitterness over Olivier Giroud's goal drought this season as the German 'liked' a picture on Instagram mocking his teammate.

The former Real Madrid star was on course to obliterate Thierry Henry's record of 20 assists, the most ever in a single Premier League season, but fell just one short.

By December, Özil was just six assists away from setting his name in stone but that was around the time when Giroud's confidence dried up and the striker went 15 Premier League appearances without a goal to his name.

This was, of course, all in spite of the fact that Özil broke the record for the most chances ever created in a single Premier League season.

So, maybe that's what was on Özil's mind as he scrolled through his Instagram feed and proceeded to like this post from a meme page.

Perhaps the two will joke about it after they're done competing for the same trophy this summer.

​Or maybe this will cause a rift between the two Gunners teammates that will culminate with Giroud cornering Özil after training in the parking lot, cocking his fist and getting ready to swing at the Arsenal superstar.

He'd probably end up missing anyway.