​Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi's meticulous eating habits have been revealed by the Argentine's dietitian, Giuliano Poser, and, as expected, they require quite the willpower, according to the ​Mail Online.

No one can claim to be surprised. The 28-year-old Ballon d'Or winner must maintain a strict diet in order to live up to his regard as the world's best footballer. 


Publication Mundo Deportivo claims that the Barca man's life revolves around two fundamental rules: consuming lots of water, good quality olive oil, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding anything that has been sprayed or contaminated by pesticides or herbicides.

Poser claims that the Barca talisman hates sugar since "it is the worst thing for the muscles", but also states, rather surprisingly, that Messi has a propensity for red meat, which needs to be cut down. 

"The amount of meat normally eaten by Argentinian and Uruguayans is too much", said the dietitian.

So, to any aspiring footballer, there you have it; if you want to make it to stardom, eat your vegetables, not to mention olive oil and fruit.