Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel Messi (R) prepares to pass the ball to Barcelona's Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez (R) during a penalty kick during the Spanish league football match FC Barcelona vs RC Celta de Vigo at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on February 14, 2016.

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10 of the Smartest Goals in Football History

​Not every strike is a 40 yard screamer and sometimes finding the net takes more brain than brawn.

Here are 10 of the most intelligent goals we've ever seen...

10. Kento Nakamura

​This Japanese high school team successfully pulled off a bizarre free kick routine, whereby three players stepped back in a fine choreographed manner blocking the opposing goalkeeper's view. That left Kento Nakamura to superbly bend the ball into the far corner.

9. Andrija Zivkovic

At first this video seems like something out of a bloopers montage, but this was an actual goal from the Serbian under 17 side, as they faced their Moldovan counterparts. By the end, Andrija Zivkovic slots home a tidy finish, after the ball arrived to him via the dummies of three of his teammates.

8. Ernie Hunt

Coming way ahead of its time, Ernie Hunt and Willie Carr conjured up a magical piece of football for Coventry City during a home league game against Everton. The latter's donkey kick let Hunt volley home past a bewildered Toffee defence.​

7. Yosuke Ishibitsu

​An indirect free-kick inside the box is always an exciting affair, but this clip is more than the usual. Similar to the Serbian under 17 exercise from the corner, Yosuke Ishibitsu gets the credit for rifling home the final effort.

6. Avi Knafo

​Fresh from the Israeli league, this free-kick was kicked off by a mock fight between two teammates, allowing the third, Avi Knafo, to curl home a quality goal while the defence was distracted by the heated argument by the ball.

5. Adey Ashadh

​Genius, simply genius. That is the only way to describe this penalty by Adey Ashadh during a pivotal shootout. Had he missed, his manager may not have been laughing so much, but luckily for Ashadh, his fake fall paved the way for a converted spot kick.

4. Artem Koncevoj

​This is an even better version of Ernie Hunt's strike, with the defence fooled by the reverse flick up, which allows Koncevoj to perfectly volley the ball into the back of the net. Watching this and it is hard to not want to give it a go next time you get a free-kick.

3. Ronaldinho

​The magician himself, Ronaldinho was always going to get himself into a list like this. The former FC Barcelona and AC Milan superstar produced a brilliant free-kick after he returned to Brazil, toe poking the ball straight under the airborne wall. 

2. Dean Saunders

Legendary striker Dean Saunders scored ​goals for fun during his playing days, but one of his more memorable strikes was this cheeky one whilst playing for Sheffield United. The former Welsh international used his throw-in in the most efficient way possible, before putting the ball into the net.

1. Johan Cruyff

​This iconic penalty from Johan Cruyff epitomised the Total Football that defined Ajax and the Netherlands during the 1970s. Of course, it has been brought back into the fold of late due to Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez's antics, but Cruyff was the original master.