Mother's Day: 7 Mums and Their Football Playing Sons

Today is Mother's Day. As this list proves, mothers always look out for their sons, even if they are famous footballers.......

7. Liverpool Players' Mums Letters Read Out By Brendan Rodgers

Philippe Coutinho revealed that during Liverpool's title push in 2013/14, manager Brendan Rodgers would read out letters from players' mums.


Coutinho's mother's letter was read out just before the dramatic 3-2 win over Manchester City at Anfield where he scored the winner.

"It said she loved me, is proud of me, is always with me and missing me. There was more, but those are just the words I needed to hear. It filled me up," blubbered the Brazilian.

6. Theo Walcott's Mum Stays Up Late to Let Him in

​After scoring a hat-trick against Croatia in the World Cup qualifier in 2008, Theo Walcott

realised he had to tell his mother something important.


"Theo phoned me after the match because he needed me to let him in because he'd forgotten his keys" said Lynn Walcott. 


"He flew straight back last night at 3am - and went off to train with Arsenal first thing in the morning." What a good boy!

5. John Arne Riise Fires His Agent Mum

​In a bid to harden up his image, former Liverpool player John Arne Riise had to part ways with his mum Berit in 2001. Mrs Riise said: "John Arne has felt that it's been a burden for him that his mother is his agent. He doesn't fancy the 'cry baby' label."


Riise said at the time: "I prefer her in the role as mum only, not as agent-mum."

4. Clinton Morrison's Mum Picks a Fight with Rufus Brevett

​Fulham left-back Rufus Brevett and Birmingham City striker Clinton Morrison were involved in a heated exchange during a match in 2002 at Loftus Road.


In the players' lounge afterwards, Brevett allegedly told Morrison's mother, Angela: "Your son's got a big mouth." She replied: "I know, he gets it from me."

3. Robbie Savage Loves His Mum

​BBC pundit Robbie Savage was reduced to tears on the Late Kick Off programme when his mum did a video tribute after the former Leicester, Birmingham and Derby star announced he was retiring in 2011.


Valerie Savage said: “I know Robbie will be heartbroken to retire but it will be lovely for me to be able to sit there at 4.50pm on a Saturday afternoon without worrying about whether he’s got another yellow card or thinking ‘I hope he’s not being mouthy to the ref again’." 

2. Paul Konchesky's Mum Defends Her Son

Carol Konchesky outraged Liverpool fans with comments on her Facebook page after Paul played poorly in a defeat at Stoke in 2010. 

She addressed it to "Liverpool Scouse scum", suggesting that they should stop living off the past and that her son should never have left Fulham. It was quickly removed and Mrs Konchesky closed the account.

1. Radamel Falcao's Mum Prays for Her Son

​Radamel Falcao's mother assured her son that things would turn after his difficulties in scoring goals for Manchester United in 2015.


"I often remind him that after a test or a difficulty, blessings arrive. God hasn't abandoned us and my son will become again what he has been, a goalscorer", said Carmen Zarate.


She went on: "If God shows him a new path, he will leave Manchester." God showed him London. He is currently on loan at Chelsea with one goal from nine matches.