RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - JULY 13:  Soccer fans watch on Copacabana Beach during the 2014 FIFA World Cup final match pitting Argentina against Germany on July 13, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Germany won the match 1-0 in extra time at the famed Maracana stadium.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

6 Very Different Styles of Football From Across the World

Depending on the continent or on the country, the styles of Football seen on the pitch can vary a lot. World Cups are always exciting, because we can see first hand how these different styles from different places clash against one another.

Here's a look at six of the most known football styles from across the world. 

6. British

​Players: Physical, Quick, Direct.

Style of Play: The no-nonsense style of British football is the oldest style of football known and it is still being applied in the Premier League. The attacks are set up quickly and with direct long balls over the defence, usually bypassing the midfielders entirely. 

This fast paced style usually leads to 50/50 fights for the ball and also for many crosses to be sent in from all over the pitch.

5. Italian

​Players: Skillful, Crafty, Cautious.

Style of Play: The Italian style is very cautious with the amount of players that they like to commit forward in an attack. Players use skills and different tempos in an attack. 

Forwards also tend to make diagonal, indirect runs which are difficult for defenders to anticipate and to keep in check. 

Defenders like to slow down the tempo of a game and flood their side of the field with defenders to pressure and slow down opposition attacks. 

4. Latin

Players: Confident with the ball, Good dribblers, Innovative

Style of Play: The Latin game is very different to European styles of play. The players aren't as tall or as strong as their European counter parts. Therefore the style of play is very unique.

It is a possession oriented method of playing and with free flowing passes. It has a very fast pace to the game with structure kept at a minimum. This leads to defensive weaknesses, prone to counter attacks.

3. Northern Europe

​Players: Aggressive, Fast, Organised

Style of Play: The game is played very directly with determined but anticipated attacks. 

Defensively, a formation is always maintained. Players on the team have very specific jobs and don't usually improvise. 

These teams in attack usually keep possession or just try to overwhelm the opposition with numbers on the offence. Although this style is not very attractive to watch, it is still very effective.

2. Continental

Players: Good passers, Collectivists

Style of Play: Attacks are generated with creativity, but there is still composure and team communication. Players free roam through different positions to accommodate the style of football.​ 

Defensively, they put a lot of pressure on the attacking team to regain possession of the ball. This method of play originated from the Netherlands and it revolutionized the game of football. 

Many teams went on to adopt this style of play and it became the Continental style.

1. Central American

Players: Crafty, Excessive Dribblers

Style of Play: The ball is moved around with short passes and a lot of dribbling. Players don't usually make quick runs at the opposition. 

The tempo and buildup are very slow, except for the rare long ball sent up to the forwards.​