​Hotshot Leicester City forward Jamie Vardy has picked the actor he wants to play him in a Hollywood blockbuster about his whirlwind rise to fortune. 

The ​Sun reports that big time film executives in the USA want to make a rags to riches story about the Englishman's glorious adventure from non-League football to the Premier League's record goalscorer in a matter of years. 

And Vardy has confirmed the film is in fact set to go ahead and the England international has picked who he wants to play him in what's set to be an epic biopic. 

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League

The 29-year-old said: “At the minute, the film does look like it’s probably going to go ahead.

“They must be mad to be honest with you, but want to do it. We’ll have to wait and see, but I’d like Vinnie Jones.”

The paper reports that there had been circulations in Tinseltown that bigwigs initially had been lining up stars such as former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson or  Zac Effron to play the main role.

But Vardy's wishes may just have to be granted, which will be sure to make viewers excited as the former footballer-turned-movie star Vinnie Jones has experienced it all in both worlds. 

They're surely` going to have to call it "Chat S**t Get Banged"...

Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League