Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that he was approached by Sir Alex Ferguson when the former Manchester United boss was drawing up a shortlist of his possible successors, but chose to turn the opportunity down because the timing wasn't right.

"We spoke and it was a big honour for me, the whole talk, to be honest," Klopp explained to the media about being sounded out for the job at Old Trafford in 2013.

The German described Ferguson as "the John Lennon of football" in the build up to Liverpool's meeting with Louis van Gaal's United on Sunday, but insists it just would not have been possible for him to walk away from Dortmund at that time.

"In life timing is always important and that was a time I could not leave Dortmund. That was it," he said.

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"It wasn't like this where you say 'come in March or May'. You are in April and you are in the middle of the planning for next season. You have this player and this player and this player coming because you are there, but then you are not there anymore. That doesn't work. Not in my life."

Being 'sounded out' is as far as it got for Klopp. David Moyes was eventually given the job, but the new Liverpool boss insisted that even had a formal offer been presented to him things wouldn't have been any different.

"I didn't hear about a real offer but, if there was, I could not have done it," he said.

"I first had to finish the job with Dortmund and then think about other things. Maybe that is not smart, but that is my way."

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