It's the kind of thing that could only happen in the social media era, but Leicester City of the Premier League and the Carolina Panthers of the NFL became 'best friends' early Friday evening and it was incredible.

Much like Leicester, who find themselves firmly in the Premier League title race after the halfway stage of the campaign, the Panthers have surprised people in the NFL this season. They finished their regular season with a league leading 15-1 record and are one of the favourites for the Super Bowl.

The 'friendship' all seemed to start innocently enough when the Foxes sent shirts to a number of Panthers players, including quarterback Cam Newton, defensive stars Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman and kicker Graham Gano.

Gano, who was actually born in Scotland before moving to America with his family at a young age, then sent his thanks to Leicester via Twitter on Thursday.

It turns out that there a number of NFL fans in the Leicester squad. In an article published on the next day, Jamie Vardy said, "What the Carolina Panthers have done this season has been fantastic, it's a really great story. They've shown what can be achieved with hard work."

Christian Fuchs added, "Me and the lads wish them all the best for Sunday against Seattle. It'd be great to see them make the Super Bowl."

Later on Friday, things then moved up a gear. A tweet from Leicester paid homage to Cam Newton and his use of the 'Dab' craze which is exploding all over the world of sport right now.

After that the Panthers returned the favour and expressed their thanks for all the support from their new Premier League buddies.

Then Leicester sent their best wishes ahead of the NFC Divisional playoff game this weekend.

The Panthers fired a message of support straight back for the Foxes' Premier League meeting with Aston Villa.

And the exchange just kept getting better and better...

...until they were officially best friends.

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