News of Nemanja Vidic's impending release from Inter Milan was met with a rather odd response from a section of Manchester United fans this week, with many expressing hope that it will signal a return to Old Trafford for the 34-year-old.

Vidic left United a legend in 2014 - a five-time Premier League champion, a Champions League winner, a club captain and a fan favourite. But bringing him back, even on a short-term deal, would accomplish absolutely nothing and isn't even worth thinking about. Fans need to stop pining and just forget about it.

It's easy to tell where the calls are coming from. Frustrated with a perceived lack of progress under Louis van Gaal, the biggest problem with so many United supporters right now is that they're desperately living in the past. It's the same fans who are still desperate to see an almost 31-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo back at the club, too.

Vidic was at the heart of the team when United were at their very best. But that's where his glorious memory has to remain. He's a mere shadow of the player that people remember from those days and it would be a huge step backwards after 18 months of solid rebuilding to have him back.


Vidic hasn't managed to get through a full season without injury since United won the Premier League in 2010/11. Having so far missed the whole of 2015/16 as a result of a back problem there's just no way he could be expected to come in and 'do a job' in the frenetically paced environment of the Premier League. It's unrealistic.

Manchester United v Sunderland - Premier League

He wouldn't fit either. As world class as he was at his peak, the Serb was always a 'row Z' type of defender and couldn't cope with the possession game that has become the norm at United these days.

Nemanja Vidic was a legend at Old Trafford and that's how it will remain. But there's no chance he'll come back and thinking any different is a waste of time.

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