​Arsenal fans have taken to social media to express their concern that shareholder Stan Kroenke could decide to move the club out of north London.

​​While the fears may seem rather misplaced and a bit fanatical, they stem from the news that Stan Kroenke has decided to controversially move NFL side St Louis Rams out of St Louis and to Los Angeles instead.

Franchise relocation is something which is fairly common - if not controversial - in American sports, and in particular with the NFL. For example, the Rams were initially the Los Angeles Rams up until 1995 before they moved to St Louis.

Now Kroenke is taking them back to their spiritual home and Los Angeles have an American Football team again, while obviously this has caused joy in LA, it has caused pain in St Louis - and Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns that they could suffer the same fate, which you can see below.


​​Should Kroenke ever decide to relocate the Gunners, it wouldn't be the first time in their history that they have moved - after starting out as Woolwich Arsenal, the club departed Woolwich for north London.

Obviously a switch to Los Angeles would be just marginally different than moving a few postcodes north, but given the complete public outcry that happened when Wimbledon were taken to Milton Keynes by Pete Winkelman to form Milton Keynes Dons, it is unlikely Kroenke would disobey English tradition.

Nevertheless, the news whipped Arsenal fans up into a frenzy on Twitter, proving that they perhaps do not fully trust their American shareholder.

Arsenal v A.F.C. Bournemouth - Premier League

Arsenal are currently seeking their first Premier League title since the Invincibles team won the 2003/04 edition, and are sitting at the top of the Premier League at present. 

Their next fixture is an away trip to Liverpool.