​Lionel Messi is known for his - let's face it - absolutely appalling taste in fashion, from his day-to-day wear to his gala dress sense. 

Over the years, the Argentine has graced the hallowed turf with displays from out of this world for Barcelona earning four Ballon d'Or titles to date.

The Barca forward is the hotly tipped favourite to win his fifth on Monday night when he goes head-to-head with teammate Neymar and long-time footballing nemesis Cristiano Ronaldo. 

During previous ceremonies that Messi has been apart of, and there have been many, he's rocked some pretty garish suits. 

Last year was a shiny maroon-purple three piece which appeared to be dotted with glitter and sequins.  

In 2013, he came dressed in a red three-piece, slightly more conventional but nonetheless a sight for sore eyes. 


2012 was arguably his biggest fashion faux-pas with the infamous polka-dotted suit and bow tie combo - it was horrendous. 

This year, unfortunately for anyone watching, will be no different as what he's expected to wear has been leaked on Twitter. 

It's similar to the 2012 abomination, but instead of polkadots, his suit is adorned with crowns. Well, if as expected, he wins again, he will truly be the king of football...