​Barcelona full back Dani Alves has called the Spanish press "garbage" in reaction to their role in reporting an incident which led to teammate Luis Suarez being handed a two-match ban.

After Wednesday's 4-1 Copa del Rey victory over Espanyol, Suarez waited for the opposition players to enter the tunnel in order to then shout threats at them. The referee confirmed this in his report on the incident, and Suarez was punished in reaction to the incident.

However, Alves made his displeasure known with how the Spanish media had covered the incident with a post on social media site Instagram, saying footballers as used as tools for the media to sell newspapers and for their own benefits.

Alves wrote on Instagram: "With each day that passes I feel more ashamed to be associated with this sport because of how they use us and how they play with us.

"I thought that each one of us went out to defend our colours, our teams; I thought win or lose, I would go home and reflect on the bad things we had done - or to enjoy the good things.

"These days we are objects used by the press for their own benefit, so that they can sell newspapers. All the time they are talking less about football, strategies, plays, dribbles on goals, saves, the spectacular moments.

"What f***ing garbage you are #morefootballlessrubbish #goodcrazy."

Barcelona distanced themselves from Alves' post by releasing a statement afterwards that read: "Beyond the views, which the player can express freely, FC Barcelona feels the need to clarify that it does not support or share the offensive views published."

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