​Former Real Madrid head coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo has said that Cristiano Ronaldo needs to realise that he is not in charge at the Bernabeu following the appointment of Zinedine Zidane as manager this week. 

Luxemburgo compared Ronaldo's situation to that of his great rival Lionel Messi, saying that the Argentine wizard - although undoubtedly a star - understands his place in the club hierarchy and doesn't go out of his way to unsettle things. 

He told ​Omnisport"Zidane was a leader in the dressing room when he was a player, so Cristiano Ronaldo will have to understand that there will be a person with leadership and with great knowledge of football there.

"The dressing room belongs to the players up to a certain point. From then on it belongs to the coach. If Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he's the coach it's difficult. He has to understand he's a player and not a coach. The coach is Zidane.

"If you can make those things clear it doesn't matter if it's Cristiano Ronaldo or [Lionel] Messi. Barcelona is giving a good example that Messi is just a player. He was a player with [Pep] Guardiola and is still a player with Luis Enrique. He's a star but is still a player. That's his limit."


He also blamed club president Florentino Perez for the current state of affairs at the club, saying: "If it was another president things would probably not have gone this wrong. Luis Enrique was questioned when he left Neymar on the bench. But he left him on the bench to adapt. At Real Madrid, if the coach leaves Ronaldo on the bench, Florentino Perez goes crazy.

"There's a big difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona in that respect. The head coach at Barcelona is in charge. At Madrid, it's not like that with Perez."

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