​That is not a misprint.

Harry Kane, Spurs star/savior, the English man of the hour/messiah, the Premier League's current golden boy/golden god? 

Apparently, part of the reason he's become a household name over the past year and a half is the fact that he was unhappy with how mediocre his stats were in the popular PC game Football Manager (h/t ​Daily Mirror).

The 22 year old emerged as one of the best strikers in England after a stunning 31 goal haul last season in all competitions and has continued his fine form with 13 so far this campaign.

Miles Jacobson, sports director of Sports Interactive, the creative studio behind FM, has admitted that Kane's obsession with improvement may be down to his player's ratings in recent years.

"Harry Kane. We did always have him as all right but I have personally said sorry to him because there was a long period where he was on loan at other clubs and we didn't think he was going to reach the heights that he has done.


"I met him at the London Football Awards and he is known for playing a lot of computer games and I said 'we get 0.5 percent wrong, you were one that we got wrong,' and he said to me one of the reasons he was trying so hard was to make sure his stats were better in the game!

"He's been a revelation for a lot of people and was just a late bloomer and was probably suited better to playing Premier League football than Championship football, which is rare and usually the other way."