Tottenham Hotspur are flying high under Mauricio Pochettino in 2015/16. Until recently they held the longest unbeaten record in the Premier League this season and after 20 games they're only six points off the top of the table.

For the first time in a long time, Spurs are very un-Spursy. With no others seemingly willing to take the initiative, this could be their chance to finally come good and claim the title that has eluded the club since the days of the late, great Bill Nicholson.

Hugo Lloris recently looked to put a lid on the potentially distracting title murmurings by explaining that Spurs don't have the same maturity or experience to match the other clubs up there like Manchester City and Arsenal.

But in this very unique 2015/16 season that has seen Chelsea struggle to stay out of the relegation zone and Leicester climb to the summit, will Spurs not having the right experience actually matter?

At this point, it looks as though whoever takes home the trophy in May will be doing so with 80 points or less - a rather low tally compared to those that have been threatening the 90 barrier in recent years. Heck, a lot of the time 80 points isn't even good enough for second place.


It's therefore not as if Spurs would have to go way above and beyond themselves to genuinely challenge.

"We are young, we are talented, we are doing well, there is a great spirit in the team and we are working hard, so everything is positive," Lloris also said.

Besides, is experience even all that it's cracked up to be anyway? If you're good enough and better than all the other team, it doesn't make a difference what your recent history is.

How many key members of the Manchester City squad had league title winning experience prior to 2012? Not Hart, not Zabaleta, not Lescott or Richards. Not Barry, not Silva, not Aguero, not Nasri or Kolarov.

Manchester City players stand with their

Mario Balotelli did, but he was an immature youngster. Carlos Tevez did too, but he missed most of the season playing golf in Argentina. Only a small handful of players knew what it was like to go all the way, and that was a team that pipped a Manchester United squad with all the experience in the world.

Experience is important, but a lack of it doesn't have to be what holds Tottenham back, not in this mad season anyway.

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