​Real Madrid star James Rodriguez claims he feared he was at the centre of a kidnap plot as he fled from police in the Spanish capital.

The Colombian attempted to escape police action after he was caught driving 200kph down a Spanish highway en route to training. 

He was clocked by an unmarked police vehicle going at least double the speed limit on Madrid’s M40 motorway.

He was followed for five kilometres to Real Madrid's training ground where he slipped away into the car park as the club's security dealt with the less than impressed officers. 

After training, the €80m man was questioned by Spanish police where he claimed not to have heard their sirens over his loud music. 

Real Madrid CF v Real Sociedad de Futbol - La Liga

According to the ​Mirror: "He later claimed that he feared the pursuing car was trying to kidnap him, something more common in his native Colombia, before apologising to police".

The 24-year-old now risks losing his license and is likely to be punished on more than one offence. 

He is likely to face a fine and could end up on a driving ban for failing to obey a police officer and a serious traffic violation.

Madrid face Valencia on Sunday knowing a win will take them level with Barcelona who could only draw in the Catalan derby with Espanyol. 

Cadiz v Real Madrid - Copa del Rey: Round of 32