The Return of Sturridge - Can he save Liverpool's season

After Liverpool's defeat to West Ham, public enemy number one became Christian Benteke. The striker was the hero for two games previous, albeit with two shocking misses at the time. Jurgen Klopp blamed himself for the defeat and also criticized the players for only putting in 90%​.

So how can this inconsistent team put their woes behind them. I have put my faith in a striker who has played 81 games since 2013, in that same time has has missed 83. Not a good sign for me to put my faith and Liverpool's in his. So here goes my line up to initially get Liverpool to the final of the League Cup and also up the league too.


  • Mignolet

​Simply because there is no one else to go in goal. Klopp has confirmed that he will not go and buy a keeper in the transfer window. Coupled with Bogdan's performance at Watford and Mignolet is safe with the goalkeeper jersey.


  • Clyne
  • Lovren
  • Sakho
  • Moreno

​If you spend over £50 million on all these players then play them together. Lovren has finally started to showcase his leadership and Sahko is the most talented player there (just very prone to clumsy lapses). Clyne is defensively stable but needs to show more attacking wise, whereas Moreno needs to learn to defend better.


  • Firmino
  • Henderson
  • Can
  • Coutinho

​The midfield is very important here. I have gone 4-4-2 but am looking more along the lines of the diamond. Coutinho has been trying too hard to shoot at any given opportunity. His best work is when he is feeding the ball to players moving in front of him. With Coutinho closer to the midfield he can pull the strings, whilst letting Can and Henderson feed him the ball.

It may be too attack minded with Firmino in the midfield but his skill will come through and at the tip of the diamond can create numerous chances for the two strikers. Fluidity is the key and that is why the energy and movement of Henderson and Can is vital in also protecting the back four.


  • Benteke
  • Sturridge

Fluidity again is vital, as well as movement. Sturridge provides this in abundance. His link up previously with Suarez shows that he can forge a good partnership. Benteke has shown in glimpses that he can link up the play, but has not had the service. These two can easily get twenty goals a season and will provide different options for the midfield.

Sounds simple and sometimes it just is.​