​Soon-to-be Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti is the best manager in world football, that is according to ex-Italy boss Marcelo Lippi.

Lippi won the World Cup as manager of the national team, and told ​Gazzetta dello Sport that Bayern have recruited the best in the business in his compatriot Ancelotti.

Lippi credited Guardiola for his achievements and monopoly of trophies in his short but glamorous career so far, but still eyes the Italian former Real Madrid manager as the complete package.

"Barca won everything there was to win and made a fundamental contribution to football history. Today, Guardiola is one of the two or three best coaches in the world -- although in the No. 1 spot right now, I'd put Ancelotti.


"No one is like Ancelotti. He has a wealth of experience as a footballer first, and then as a coach. He's won in every league, and will continue to win in Germany next season too.

"More importantly, no player has ever said anything bad about him -- you need plenty of quality and football culture for that."

Lippi believes Bayern needs Ancelotti because he feels he is a winner, because the role of a Bayern Munich manager requires 'not a father, not a brother and not a nice guy, but someone who makes you win and thus improves your contracts.' 

Ancelotti will join up with the Bavarian side in June when Pep Guardiola's contract comes to an end and the former Barcelona coach looks for his next challenge.