Top Four Rio Ferdinand Twitter Moments

Rio Ferdinand has been tagged as having one of the best twitter feeds to follow (@rioferdy5). From in-depth insights and football analysis to entertaining twitter rows with some of the biggest names on twitter. Ferdinand is a player you don't want to miss online. 

4. Rio's Heart Warming Encounter

A heart warming story comes from an unlikely meeting between Rio Ferdinand and a woman on a train due to the power of the twitterverse.

In January 2013, a women identified Ferdinand in the same carriage as her and decided to tweet her excitement about spotting the footballer to one of her friends. 

Without the woman knowing, her friend tweeted @rioferdy5 to ask if he could speak with her about her Dance Aid charity.

Ferdinand promptly received the tweet and wasted no time offering his help as he sat beside the woman and agreed to do promotional work for the charity. 

3. Rio Tries to Up His FIFA Stats

In an attempt to improve his 2013 FIFA statistics, Ferdinand took to twitter and tweeted @EASPORTSFIFA his disapproval of his player ratings. 

EA sports released his player ratings prior to the release of the game, “IF Ferdinand - @rioferdy5 - 84 OVR CB - 6 0PAC, 45 SHO, 71 PAS, 63 DRI, 86 DEF, 80 HEA. #FUT”.

EA sports had him rated with a pace of 60, prompting Ferdinand to tweet, “@EASPORTSFIFA I can't believe you guys...Pace 60....ok I am not as quick as I once was but I am quicker than that!! 70 at least!”

Ferdinand was also seemingly disgruntled with his 45 shooting rating as he said, “And the last time I scored it was a screamer so up my shooting while ya at it guys! Everything else is satisfactory!! Thanks!”

The two accounts exchanged a comical back and forth twitter exchange throughout the day.

The battle ended with EA giving in and changing Ferdinand's stats as they tweeted, “Is this better? DM us if you want to take it for a spin! #ProPlayerIF… Rio Ferdinand - @rioferdy5 - 95 OVR CB - 88PAC, 85SHO, 92PAS, 95DRI, 99DEF, 97HEA. Best CB in #FUT?”

2. Ferdinand's Comical Photo Response

After a dull 0-0 draw between Manchester United and Manchester City, a comical photo was released involving Carlos Tevez and Rio Ferdinand. 

The photo showed Ferdinand in a comromised position as Tevez look poised to give the defender a very public colon check.

Quickly becoming the 'butt' of many jokes, Ferdinand took to twitter and responded, “Wow... some1 get me the photographers address I aint having this!!!! Lol!”

“Looks like he was trying 2 b a puppet master 4 the night! This pic I have 2 say is a classic no matter how bad it looks!!”

The photo generated some comical responses from other avid twitter users, and former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan wrote, “You usually see that kind of picture on Animal shows... Can’t believe he didn’t wear some marigolds...”

To which Ferdinand replied, “haha, what’s tevez actually looking for! Nice1. mpu"

1. Ferdinand Becomes Arsenal's Public Enemy Number One

Ferdinand didn't endear himself to Arsenal fans with his use of twitter after Arsenal's 2011 Champions League loss to Barcelona. 

Up 3-2 on aggregate, Arsenal looked poised to knock out the Catalan giants, however, a controversial double booking of Robin van Persie in the 55th minute changed the Gunners' fate as they found themselves on the losing end of a 4-3 overall aggregate. 

At the start of the match, Ferdinand tweeted his praise of referee Massimo Busacca saying, “Tonight’s referee in the Barcelona v Arsenal game is the best referee about for me.”

After RVP's red card, fans took to twitter as they bombarded Ferdinand's account with angry messages.

Ferdinand stayed true to his statement as he released a response to disgruntled fans saying, “My comment about the referee was an hour ago — before the red card — still the best referee for me, one decision doesn’t change that.”