​Luis Suarez may have found the back of the net for Barcelona in their 1-1 away draw to Valencia on Saturday night, but he also landed himself in the middle of more heated controversy.

The issue this time, with the fiery Uruguayan is whether he stamped on Valencia defender Aymen Abdennour's foot, as replays seem to show he did.

Suarez himself refused to play into the idea that the incident was anything intentional or malicious, chalking it up to things that happen on the pitch during the course of a game.

He said after the match: "Stamp on Abdennour's foot? It wasn't voluntarily, I was turning. When I saw it, I apologized it. I also got kicked, that's football."

Suarez's teammate Sergio Busquets also jumped to his aid, insisting that there was no intention to harm.

Busquets said: "Suarez? He did well and I'm sure he didn't mean the stamp. He is still one of the best strikers in the world.

"Valencia defended very well and levelled the score with barely any time for us to turn it around. In any case, it's not a step backwards because we're still the leaders and doing a good job. If we keep doing things like this, we'll win more games."