In the latest development from Friday night's shocking Paris terror attacks, it has been revealed that a suicide bomber tried to gain access to the Stade de France, where the French national team were playing Germany, but was refused entry by security staff.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, one of the three terrorists who attacked the area around the stadium had a match ticket and tried to enter around 15 minutes after kick-off.

France v Germany - International Friendly

The bomber is said to have been challenged by security guards when it was discovered he was wearing an explosive vest after a routine frisking. The guard at the scene, known only as Zouheir, said that the vest was then detonated when the terrorist was backing away from security.

It had obviously been the intention to detonate the bomb inside the stadium where it would have caused far more damage than it managed outside.

It was shortly after the first explosion that a second bomber wearing what was believed to be an identical device also blew themselves up outside the stadium. Both explosions were audible inside the Stade de France, while a third attacker detonated their bomb at a nearby McDonald's outlet.

All three bombs were filled with projectiles, but fortunately only one civilian was killed in that particular area as a result, according to local police reports. Had the first bomber managed to get inside the stadium there is no telling the horrifying carnage that might have ensued.

Across the city more than 120 people were killed as gunmen opened fire at restaurants and held innocent people hostage at the Bataclan theatre.

The sister of Atletico Madrid and France forward Antoine Griezmann had been at the music venue but managed to escape unharmed. English footballers Martin Kelly and Rickie Lambert were also in the city that night, the former had actually dined at a restaurant in the vicinity of where one the multiple attacks took place, but both were later reported to be safe.

Lassana Diarra, who was on the pitch representing his country in the Stade de France, tragically lost a cousin as a result of the violence.