​A hardline, yet well spoken Chelsea fan has been fired from his job from top law firm Goldberg Segalla, after he was filmed ranting about Chelsea's 3-1 defeat to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago.

In what is simply a disgruntled fan who has just seen his side, the reigning Premier League champions no less, lose at home yet again this season, the law firm have parted ways with their former employee, as a result of his "scouse scum" comments.

While some may see this a a good example to prevent future generations from derogatory remarks, most while be bewildered by how much such a generic football incident can be taken way out of proportion.

Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool came from behind to beat the Blues 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, while Chelsea also lost this past weekend away at Stoke City.

Taking this exaggerated incident of political correctness aside, it is still a rather amusing video and most Premier League supporters will enjoy watching just how much pain Chelsea fans are in right now.