Karim Benzema is having a really, really bad day. 

You may have read over the 24 hours that the Real Madrid striker had been arrested for conspiracy to blackmail French international team mate Mathieu Valbuena, but things have turned so much worse.

On Thursday morning, French authorities confirmed that Benzema ​had been charged with complicity in an attempt to blackmail and conspiring to commit a criminal act. The charges could land Benzema with a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Though later in the day, it turned plain bat-sh*t-crazy. Benzema is now reported to be involved in a completely different case concerning the trafficking of cocaine, in one of the largest drug trafficking scandals France has ever seen.

Said scandal is nicknamed 'Air Cocaine' in the French press, and ​Le Point have revealed that the number one suspect - an individual who is accused of having paid for and sponsored flights from France to the Dominican Republic and Ecuador - was initially found because of his links with the Real Madrid striker.

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The mastermind behind these transatlantic flights is purported to be a man known as “Daryan” or “Rayan” - a football agent and a big football fan - according to the two men who organised the flights, named Frank Colin and Nicolas Pisapia. It is meant to be he who had enough money to pay for the flights, and he's said to currently live in Spain or Italy.

Though he's said to have lived close to Benzema, and the link between the two of them is currently being investigated. Another man, by the name of Ali Bouchareb, was arrested last year and is said to be another suspect in the Air Cocaine case. 

Alarmingly, during a raid on his house after his arrest, several photos of Bouchareb with Benzema were reportedly found, and even autographed shoes from the Real Madrid man.

Benzema’s agent, Karim Djaziri said in response to the allegations: “I am not aware of this story and have never heard of a member of Karim Benzema’s entourage being imprisoned in Spain for drug trafficking. You know, Karim has 20 million fans on Facebook. Any madman can take selfies with him several times. It does not mean they are related.”

Meanwhile, regarding the Valbuena controversy, the player has missed training with Lyon and has been left out of the squad to face Germany and England later this month, while Benzema has too as the legal proceedings rumble on. Valbuena changed his profile photo on his official Facebook page to an image of he and Benzema this morning, in an apparent show of support.

What. A. Mess.