RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - MAY 28:  Panini World Cup stickers are displayed, including one of England star Wayne Rooney (C), on May 28, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fans of World Cup Soccer are flocking to buy the stickers which are placed in an album where the fans of World Cup Soccer try to fill their books with all 640 stickers, which include each player for the 32 nations in the tournament plus a team picture, logo and photos of the stadiums. The 2014 FIFA World Cup begins June 12 in Brazil.  (Photo Illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Do You Know How Much Your Old Panini Sticker Albums Might Be Worth?

Collecting stickers was one of the greatest things about being a young football fan.

From 1970 onward, Panini released World Cup stickers every four years. These created great memories for whoever collected them at the time. More importantly, could you now be sitting on a small fortune with any of those old albums gathering dust in your attic?

​You wouldn't believe how much some of the sets are worth ...

*all values are estimates based on various sales and other listings

12. Brazil '14 - £45

​At 80 pages, the 2014 edition of the Panini classic was actually the longest in the series, with as many as 640 individual stickers to fill all those pages with - that's a lot of packs and even more swapping!

You can still buy lots of individual stickers and incomplete albums very easily and relatively cheaply. Complete ones are obviously little bit pricier, though, and are available anywhere between £25 and £45.

11. South Africa '10 - £55

​2010 was the first time the World Cup was held in Africa and the first time that Panini upped their number of stickers to 640 - the same number they would produce in 2014. Considering it wasn't too long ago, complete albums aren't that difficult to come by and the most expensive are valued and sold at £55 or more.

If you look hard enough, it's possible to find them for less.

10. Germany '06 - £60

England were named number one seeds ahead of the 2006 World Cup in Germany and their page in the official sticker featured a star studded lineup, including RIo Ferdinand, John Terry, Ashley Cole, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney. Needless to say, they failed to deliver.

​The top end of the market for the 2006 album appears to be around £60. But again, others can be found more cheaply depending on the condition.

9. South Korea/Japan '02 - £80

​2002 was a World Cup of firsts - the first to be held in Asia, the first that was jointly hosted by two separate countries and the first of the new millennium. As far as the official sticker album goes, the value doesn't quite seem to have taken off just yet.

The album of second coming of Ronaldo can be quite easily found online priced anywhere from £40 to £80.

8. France '98 - £250

​If you have a complete France '98 album hiding away somewhere, it could potentially be worth £250 or more if you're very lucky.

This is still fondly remembered as arguably the best World Cup of recent times, with endless superstar players and teams, great games and even better memories.

7. USA '94 - £400

​The 1994 World Cup was what kickstarted the soccer revolution in the United States after the failure of the glittering NASL a decade earlier. The MLS soon followed and today it's a booming industry.

Now more than 21 years old, complete sticker albums from USA '94 are where the values for these items start to consistently hit three figures. A beautifully pristine edition could fetch more than £400.

6. Italia '90 - £500

​While most countries were given a double page spread in the 1990 edition, some of the smaller nations, including the UAE, Costa Rica, South Korea and Cameroon had just a single page each. On the pitch, Cameroon defied all expectations and almost reached the semi-finals, while West Germany won their final international title before reunification.

Prices on complete albums vary massively, but top quality books push the £500 barrier.

5. Mexico '86 - £800

​Search for one of these albums if you want to re-live Diego Maradona's World Cup. The Argentina captain cemented his place in the history of the global game as he dragged an average Albiceleste team all the way to glory, scoring memorable goals along the way.

A particularly famous World Cup make this album particularly desirable. Completed versions have been known to sell in excess of £800, although those in worse condition can be found for significantly less.

4. Spain '82 - £600

​A momentous album in the history of Panini World Cup stickers, Spain '82 was actually the first in the series to have the 'shinies'. Emerging from the shadows of a match fixing scandal, this was Italy's tournament, but is equally remembered for the great Brazil side of Zico and Socrates.

For the very best quality complete album, prices can get above £600.

3. Argentina '78 - £700

​What do you remember about this World Cup? Johan Cruyff didn't go and Argentina won it but were accused of match fixing in order to progress from the group stage. The tournament certainly doesn't feature too highly on list of the all-time greats, which perhaps explains a lower than expected value for the associated Panini stickers.

A sensible price for the Argentina '78 album appears to be around £700, although it is possible to find over the top inflated listings at much higher prices.

2. West Germany '74 - £700

In 1974, it was Johan Cruyff and Dutch model of Total Football that stole the show. The famous Oranje generation fell slightly short of glory, though, losing the final to host nation West Germany.

Complete albums from this year seem to be less sought after than one might expect, and can be found in good condition for £700. As with Argentina '78, some people who have them try to sell them for vastly inflated prices, perhaps assuming age immediately makes it more valuable.

1. Mexico '70 - £5,000+

This was the tournament that saw Pele and Brazil, arguably the greatest team of all team, dominate and lift the trophy for the third time. ​Panini's first effort at a World Cup sticker album is unsurprisingly the most expensive should you want to try and lay your hands on one today.

A complete album in absolute 'mint' condition - the holy grail of World Cup albums - could fetch well over £5,000, while even those in less good shape could still be worth more than £2,000.